Punta Mango Surf Tour

Surf amazing waves in pristine locations surrounded by the lush of the jungle. Our facility is just a few steps to Punta Mango wave, we also have access to all the waves in area.

The Surf Tour Punta Mango is the perfect option for a surf vacation for those looking to enjoy surrounded by nature. Punta Mango surf offers a world class pointbreak just a few steps from Punta Mango Surf Resort. Accommodations in Punta Mango are in the waterfront, every morning you can check the surf from your bed, then before surfing you’ll be able to taste high quality El Salvador coffee.

Punta Mango Surf Resort is has a unique concept in the water front, surrounded by lush of the jungle of El Salvador, here you’ll have an easy access to surf the best waves in Punta Mango and all the other great waves in the region, including La Flores and some of the best beach breaks in El Salvador. Our guides know each wave in this region. Our guides will make sure to find the best wave for your level, we’re not just limited to surf the waves in the walking distance, if needed we’ll drive or take a boat to get the best wave of the day.

Our set up in Punta Mango offers the perfect environment for groups, families and retreats, Punta Surf Resort has restaurant service with the most delicious meals in town. Here at Punta Mango you score world class waves and we provide first class service.

Private tour for groups of 4 or more surfers

One of two surfers share tour.

On big days if needed we’ll go out by boat.

  • Bilingual Surf Guides and Instructors
  • Direct access to Punta Mango
  • Daily Surf Transfers for Intermediate to Advance Surfers
  • Surf Transfers for Beginners
  • Beginner to Advance Waves out Front
  • Home to Punta Mango
  • 4+ Waves Accessible by Transfers
  • Round Trip Airport Transfers Included
  • Oceanfront Property in Punta Mango
  • Private and Shared Rooms with Friends
  • All Accommodations Include AC and Bath
  • Early Riser Coffee, Cereal and Fruit
  • Three Amazing Cooked Meals per Day from Menu
  • Coffee, Juices and Filtered Water Included
  • Swimming Pool
  • Beachfront Rancho Restaurant
  • Complimentary WI-FI
Accommodation 5 night 7 night 10 night
Single $1225.00 $1645.00 $2250.00
Double $950.00 $1250.00 $1700.00
Triple + $875.00 $1200.00 $1650.00