When Surfing with AST El Salvador you will learn all about the sport and the lifestyle of Surfing.


  • Surfing history & Tradition
  • Ocean environment
  • Surfing equipment
  • Surfing etiquette and rules

Basic surfing rules:

  • Before paddling out/ Check the line up
  • Not paddle out if overcrowded
  • Always paddle out around the break
  • Always paddle towards the white water
  • Never Drop in

To avoid:

  • Dropping in
  • Snaking

Localism / Tolerance and Respect / Nobody owns the ocean

Roles as environmental ambassadors


Personal and surfing equipment.

Surf and Weather conditions

  • Weather patterns
  • Tides
  • Types of waves: Spilling and Plunging
  • Parts of the wave
  • Rips and sweeps. When caught in a rip don't panic. Instead, paddle across the rip on a diagonal angle.

Sweeps: the body of water moves across the beach.

Marine creatures:

  • Bluebottles
  • Stingrays
  • Blue ringed octopus
  • Oysters and barnacles

Selecting a safe Venue:

  • Safe surfing zone / according to the surfers level


  • Surfboards
  • Fins
  • Soft foam rails

Boards for intermediate surfers:

  • Rounded square
  • Saquash tail
  • Rounded pin
  • Swallow
  • Square
  • Rounded tail

Parts of the surfboard:

  • Nose
  • Rocker
  • Rails
  • Tail
  • Deck
  • Bottom
  • Leg rope

Wetsuits and accesories:

  • We don't need westuits in El Salvador.
  • Steamer
  • Springsuit
  • Long John
  • Wetsuit Top
  • Leg rope
  • Surfboard wax
  • Deck grip
  • Storage

Warm up and stretch:

  • Indicate Surf conditions
  • Carrying board correctly
  • Clear feedback


  • Beginner: To paddle properly, catch waves in prone position
  • Intermediate: Take off, bottom turn, Cutback
  • Advanced stage: Skills of taking off and catching challenging waves

Core skills:

  • Carrying the board
  • Entering the surf zone
  • Paddling the board
  • Catching white water waves in the prone position
  • Standing and riding white waters
  • Traversing right and left
  • Dismount

Standing up errors:

  • Legs too far apart
  • Legs too close together
  • Legs too straight (knees not bent)
  • Feet not across the stringer
  • Front foot pointing forward to one side of the stringer
  • Standing too far back
  • Standing too forward

Standing and riding white water waves (prone to feet):

  • Lying on board
  • Paddling strongly
  • Looking over shoulder
  • Push up (arch back) on tail lift
  • Jump to feet
  • Correct stance and feet placement
  • Practice on the beach
  • Traversing right and left
  • Dismounting the board


  • Wave negotiation
  • Duck diving
  • Surf awareness
  • Basic surfing maneuvers



The introductory course is recommended for people wanting to get a taste of surfing or is looking for a new experience and think for now just a couple of lessons would be enough.

The introductory course can be a Half Day surf course or a Full Day surf course, the Half Day surf course consist in 2 hours of surf instruction, the Full day surf course consists in four hours of surf instruction in one day, two sessions of two hours.

Number of people 2 hour lesson 4 hour lesson
1 $95.00 $165.00
2 or more $85.00 $145.00

* Prices are per person


Here everyone is a beginner and ready to ride the first wave! There is no reason for shame… You’ll share with everyone your surfing progress in a very safe, fun and friendly environment.

The techniques you will boost as following:

  • Recognition of the surf spot you’ll learn.
  • Paddling technique (Learning how to paddle out and paddle in…and of course how to get your own waves.
  • Standing up in small waves.
  • Duck diving technique, pass the waves (you’ll get independency to surf by yourself)
  • Take Off (Consists in stand up before the wave breaks)
  • Technique to ride waves. After you learn the take-off, you’ll be ready to ride your first wave, riding several meters and, why not? connecting sections, to the left or right)

* If you already have some experience, instructors will test you to start the lessons from the take-off forward.


If you have taken the course of level 1, or if you already surf but not regularly or you have started by yourself and need to learn techniques like duck dive, button turn, ride the waves…this is the right level for you.

The courses of level 2 will help you to improve style, correct bad habits you have, learn how to duck diving in the right way passing the white water, and maneuvers such as button turn, cut back, floater, reentry, and much more.

In this course can be students of both levels. Our instructors will take care to every student attend lessons according to their surfing skills.


If you want to quickly learn this exhilarating sport, this is the right option for you, in this course we go from the very first techniques of the level 1 and end in the perform of duck diving and maneuvers while riding waves, this course is also recommended for travelers that only have few days and wish to learn how to surf in El Salvador and want to keep practicing the sport when back home.

The course of Level 3 includes the level 1 and level 2. Here you can learn and practice all the techniques included in level 1 and level 2.

Number of people Surf Level 1
3 days / 12 hours
Surf Level 2
3 days / 12 hours
Surf Level 3
5 days / 20 hours
1 $465.00 $465.00 $775.00
2 or more $395.00 $395.00 $675.00

* Prices are per person

What does Surf School rates include?

  • Transportation El Salvador Surf School/ Hotel (La Libertad area minimum 2 people)
  • Surf Material: Soft Top Surfboard + Leash + wax
  • Video analysis and photos
  • A wide range of Surfboards to try
  • Drinking water and one natural drink after surf lessons


This is just a sample… we can customize our schedule to meet your needs.

6:00 am Coffee/ A fresh El Salvadorian coffee before the first surf session
7:00 am Classes start right on the beach! Warm up, stretch muscles, some exercise, theory, practice on the sand… to the water!!!
7:30 am Surf Lessons starts! If first day some theory will be imparted on our facility or at the beach
9:00 am We finish our first session, and we’ll go to enjoy a hearty and healthy breakfast prepared by our chef.
11:00 am Nap, relax, or hang out by the pool. Classes start right on the beach! Warm up, stretch muscles, some exercise, theory, practice on the sand… to the water!!!
12:00 pm Lunch and break.
3:30 pm Lessons continue, either right front the hotel or in the spots with the best conditions for you.
5:00 pm Warm up, stretch muscles, some exercise, practice on the sand… In the water!!
5:30 pm Lesson end, it’s up to you stay more time in the water to practice what you have learned.
6:00 pm Back to the hotel.

* We plan surf lesson schedule according to the tide.