Mayan Temples & Juayua Waterfalls Tour

Pyramids of El Tazumal

Tazumal includes a series of structures which where the scenery of an important and sophisticated Mayan settlement that existed between 400 dC and 1200 DC. The vestiges include 2 pyramids, a ball court and other structures. Tazumal was a Mayan Regional Center, and even if the site has been destroyed by Chalchuapa´s new settlement, some history has been able to be rescue.

Juayua waterfalls - Los Chorros de La Calera

Juayua is a small twon with a pleasant weather and natural beauty, waterfalls, food festival and a variety of entertainment during the weekends. Its name in Nahuatl language means "River of Orchids Dwellings.

Chorros de Calera is a series of impressive waterfalls, waterfalls are 10 mins in the driving distance then a short hike.

Participants Price per person
2 $115.00
3 $95.00
4 or more $85.00

Tour includes: Vehicle with A/C and fuel, Hotel pick up / drop off, bilingual guide and cooler with non alcoholic drinks. Not included: Entrances fee and alcoholic drinks.